Ensure your work place is safely lit and secure
Used extensively by Construction Industry Leaders, UtilityLite is the ultimate onsite lighting system. With 180 high output LEDs per metre it is durable, compact and easy to use. Developed in the UK, UtilityLite is an essential game changing LED lighting solution.
•    Improve health and safety targets
•    Can be reused or relocated
•    No need for a qualified electrician
•    Simple plug and play system
•    Increase visibility of site access routes
•    Available in lengths of 5m and 25m 
•    Reduce risks from slips, trips and other hazards
•    Easily installed by a non-skilled person
•    UK patent pending no. GB2109608.6

Improve onsite health and safety
Utilise our colour coded UtilityLite for onsite marking of safe and danger zones.  Clearly identifying PPE required zones, loading and unloading or safe visitor areas.
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